What is Magic-Fire by Safretti?

Magic-Fire is an electrical fire and the captivating fire effect is created by illuminating extremely fine water mist. The burners are equipped with water reservoirs where the water is heated. The water then evaporates and by illuminating the mist you will get a truly realistic and lively smoke / flame effect.


· Very realistic flames, but no fire risk
· Runs on water
· Childproof
· No chimney required
· Creates a healthy indoor climate
· Plug and play
· Endless fire by modular system
· Adjustable flames
· Including remote control
· CE-approved


The regulations concerning fire(places) have been tightened the last few years. Safety for everything. Our Magic-Fires perfectly fit with these new regulations! There is no real fire and therefore no fire risk. Besides the Magic-Fires are CE-approved. Due to the vapour that will be released, the humidity in the room will increase which has a positive effect on one’s health. In a nutshell: our Magic-Fires are not only safe, but they contribute to a healthy indoor climate as well!

In case you prefer a safe real fire, we refer to our bio-ethanol fireplaces: www.safretti.com


Mistero is an electrical fire.
The Magic-Fires are equipped with water reservoirs. An evaporator turns the water into fine water mist. By illuminating the mist you will get a truly realistic and lively smoke / flame effect.

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Incanto is the Magic-Fire Mistero (see description Mistero) provided with a housing so it can be easily integrated in several projects.

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Special Magic-Fire solutions for product designers and architects.

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Frequently asked questions

How to install the Magic-Fires?

This product can be built into a wall, surround or structure. Please take note of the product dimensions in Fig. 1 and build your wall, surround or structure accordingly. You are required to leave a minimum of 400 mm from the base of the fuelbed to any shelf/enclosure above the product. This will allow enough space above the product to allow the flames to form fully and not to be obstructed.

Surround Design
Mistero 500 and Mistero 1000 are designed to be built into a surround/wall. Using the dimensions provided in Fig. 1 (see picture above) you can design a cavity for the appliance. Be sure to allow room under and around the appliance for the water connection and the electrical connection. Once the surround/wall is prepared you can put the appliance in place. Fit the appliance so you ensure that it is centered. When you have settled on a position, lift off the fuelbed and using appropriate screws for the surround/wall, screw through the formed holes in the left and right side panels securing the appliance in place.

How to clean the Magic-Fires?

We recommend cleaning the following components once every 2 weeks, particularly in hard water areas:-
water tank, sump, nozzle, tank cap and seal, air filter.
For general cleaning use a soft clean duster – never use abrasive cleaners. To remove any accumulation of dust or fluff the soft brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner should occasionally be used to clean the outlet grille of the fan heater.

For further cleaning instructions we refer to our manual.

> Download manual Incanto
> Download manual Mistero

How to fill the Magic-Fires?

Water Supply
The appliance can operate by using the water tank(s) provided or by connecting up mains water.
Water Tank(s): When you fill the fireplace manually, you have to fill the water tank(s) (see Fig. 3c). Distilled water must not be used!

When you make a connection to the mains water you do not need to fill manually, but the system will control the water supply itself (see Fig. 3a and 3b). 

For further filling instructions we refer to our manual. 

> Download manual Incanto
> Download manual Mistero

Do the Magic-Fires need ventilation?

The Magic-Fires need free ventilation from underneath to operate correctly. The free ventilation helps to keep the electronic components cool, allow the mist to evacuate the sump and lift out the product effortlessly.



Do the Magic-Fires come with a remote control?

Yes, the Magic-Fires will be delivered with a remote control. 

On request the Magic-Fires can also be controlled by your smartphone or tablet. If you choose for this second option we will install a modified bluetooth receiver so you can control the appliance with your smartphone or tablet. The appliance cannot be controlled with the standard remote control anymore, only if you reinstall the original bluetooth receiver again.

Attention: it is not possible to connect several smartphones or tablets with the appliance at the same time.

Is there any risk of legionella?

The sump and the water tank in this product are treated with a biocidal product, Silver Biocide. This conforms with the latest relevant ISO standard.

In order to avoid legionella we recommend to drain the water from sump and water tank and dry the sump, if you intend not using the appliance for longer than 2 weeks.

Will the humidity in the room increase when the fireplace is in operation?

Yes, the humidity in the room will increase when the fireplace is in operation.

The humidity in the room will increase with 1.2 – 1.5 litres per 8 hours when the Mistero 500 is in operation at the lowest level.

This is approx. 0,15 litres per hour. For the Mistero 1000 and Incanto 1000 it is approx. 0,30 litres per hour.

 That the humidity in the room increases, has a positive effect on one’s health. Therefore the Magic-Fires contribute to a healthy indoor climate!

Some examples of Magic-Fire fireplaces

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