Magic-Fire Mistero

by Safretti

Mistero is an electrical fire. The Magic-Fires are equipped with water reservoirs. An evaporator turns the water into fine water mist. By illuminating the mist you will get a truly realistic and lively smoke / flame effect.


· Very realistic flames, but no fire risk
· Runs on water
· Childproof
· No chimney required
· Creates a healthy indoor climate
· Plug and play
· Endless fire by modular system
· Adjustable flames
· Including remote control
· CE-approved


The regulations concerning fire(places) have been tightened the last few years. Safety for everything. Our Magic-Fires perfectly fit with these new regulations! There is no real fire and therefore no fire risk. Besides the Magic-Fires are CE-approved. Due to the vapour that will be released, the humidity in the room will increase which has a positive effect on one’s health. In a nutshell: our Magic-Fires are not only safe, but they contribute to a healthy indoor climate as well!

In case you prefer a safe real fire, we refer to our bio-ethanol fireplaces:

Available Mistero Fireplaces

The following types/sizes are available as standard:

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